React Native Performance Roadmap

If you are new to mobile development, the easiest way to get started is with Expo Go. You will only need a recent version of Node.js and a phone or emulator. If you’d like to try out React Native directly in your web browser before installing any tools, you can try out Snack. Let’s take a look at the connection between React Native, React and JavaScript. Then React is a JavaScript library introduced by Facebook to make building and maintenance of user-friendly interfaces easier. Over time, ReactJS developers have found patterns they could use to help them stop reinventing the wheel.

We use list to render a list of items in a React component. It is a very common task to list users, TODO items, and other things. We use the map() function to iterate over the list and render the results. In real-world programming, you will need the components to interact with each other.

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As we discussed that Expo CLI is limited which brings us to use react-native CLI to create apps. So that, we can integrate 3rd party SDKs or write a bridge to communicate between native and Javascript. For many medium to large projects, you will switch from expo or start from here only.

  • If you want to add this new React Native code to an existing application, check out the Integration guide.
  • Multiple components come together to build the application.
  • Watchman is a tool by Facebook for watching changes in the filesystem.
  • The higher the hardware dependency of an application, the greater the increase in the cost to generate.
  • Let’s find out why React Native is worth choosing for mobile app development in 2021.
  • We discussed that the “state” is a component’s private matter.

You can take the performance of your React Native app to the next level by optimizing your app with your own code. For maximum performance, you can create some functionality in your application using native code and some using React Native. You may prefer React Native to build the next mobile app for your business.

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We’re planning to land these projects throughout the next year or so. Some of these efforts are already ongoing, such as JSI which has already landed in open source. Others will take a bit longer to complete, such as reducing the surface area. We’ll do our best to keep the community up to date with our progress. Focus on helping users create high quality experiences, and up-to-date API reference docs. Great, now we know the language that we will need to use in order to write our application.

Type source $HOME/.bash_profile for bash or source $HOME/.zprofile to load the config into your current shell. Verify that ANDROID_HOME has been set by running echo $ANDROID_HOME and the appropriate directories have been added to your path by running echo $PATH. You might also want to ensure that all “shell script build phase” of your Xcode project, is using /bin/zsh as its shell.

Learn what is super keyword in javascript and super keyword usage in class inheritance. How to use super keyword in JavaScript

It mitigates the process of app recompilation after viewing the codes. The React Native tools require some environment variables to be set up in order to build apps with native code. If you’re integrating React Native into an existing project, you can use the Expo SDK and development builds, but you will need to set up a native development environment.

react native app development roadmap

I am not comparing React with the Angular, Vue, or Svelte frameworks. They are all excellent in their ways, like how ReactJS is an excellent library for user interface development. Here’s a handy Redux for beginners guide that you can use to get started. Then, if you want to dive deep and learn all about Redux, here’s a full book you can read. It is a way to lazy load what you need by the current user. The dynamic import feature is the best way to include code-splitting in a React app.


If you can spend more time and you do feel focused, go ahead. But it’s very hard to code and consume new information while you’re already tired. In a separate quiet space, where you can sit upright at your computer, and focus entirely on the process of coding.

And, if you want to learn bootstrap, if you’re going to go one step ahead, you can also learn Materialize or Material UI, along with some react development tools. ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript-based user interface library. It is insanely popular in web development communities react native automotive today. React Native is equally popular among mobile application developers. I would highly recommend watching this free course from Google on Developing Android Apps with Kotlin. Also, here are some of the resources to learn more about the topics listed above.

Enter, React Native

Once you are done building basic Forms with Formik, you have to work with data validation in forms. In this article we will discuss step by step how to become a web developer. Here’s a handy Redux for beginners guide that you can use to get started. The Learn React app is an interactive learning experience designed to make you a confident React developer through 100s of fun challenges.

react native app development roadmap

Stability, performance, and resource usage impacts the churn and conversion rate directly. In other words, they improve the overall UX, which increases the ROI of your project or your product metrics. Just keep in mind that learning advanced React concepts doesn’t stop here. You can continue to learn about accessibility, test frameworks, and many more advanced concepts as needed.

Related Roadmaps

As an app owner, you must know that making such apps using React Native will be more complex than the native approach. Below is the broken down version of the roadmap with links and resources to learn more about each of the items listed in the complete roadmap above. Right at the inception of the project, you need to understand the folder structure. Another good way is to start with Expo which is a toolchain for React Native app path and removes barrier. Ensure that whichever libraries are required are available with the Expo path. React Native app development allows you to distinguish the program functions into interchangeable blocks.

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